I think I’ve reached the threshold of how much information I can actually retain. There’s no extra storage space. If I learn something new, something else has gotta go to make room for it, and it’s usually the essentials.

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Zach’s Fun Move-In Facts

Fun Move-In Fact #1: As of tomorrow, my girlfriend and I will have officially been living in Maine for about a week. And that’s exciting.

Fun Move-In Fact #2: As of tomorrow, my girlfriend and I will have officially been living in Maine for about a week. And that’s terrifying and I’m trying to not lose my mind and if we’re on our own in the wilderness and if we fail we’ll probably die because we were unprepared for the real world what constitutes the real world anyway life is a downwardspiralofdespairandwe’reallridingitsdfjhdslfkh iaehilfehalahnf

Fun Move-In Fact #3: The state animal of Maine is the moose.

Fun Move-In Fact #4: The state weather of Maine is cold.

A tree outside of our apartment. I’ve been told Maine contains at least several more of them.

Fun Move-In Fact #5: We got a dog. His name is Ishmael, and he is of the sea.

American Bulldog and General Anxiety Mix

Fun Move-In Fact #6: *internal screaming that physically manifests itself as unjustified paranoia*

Fun Move-In Fact #7: Contrary to popular belief, the black-capped chickadee is Maine’s state bird, not the lobster.

– Z


To whoever’s reading this, it’s time for an important announcement (that probably won’t affect you in the slightest): On March 1st, I’m moving to South Portland, Maine.

There. I typed it out. It’s officially published, so there’s no backing out now. Don’t want to look like an ass on the internet.

The girlfriend and I have found in apartment, put in our two weeks, and are counting down the days. There’s excitement in the cold air, and I refuse to acknowledge any other detrimental emotions. Sure, there’s some anxiety, but by using my patented relaxation technique, I’ve managed to choke it down into my lower depths where nothing can bubble to the surface.

On an unrelated note, been randomly waking up in the middle of the night and screaming into the wall. Punched a couple decent sized holes in it, too. It’s probably unconnected to the anxiety; I did recently start eating more fiber.

If there’s any interesting locales in the city I should check out or avoid, feel free to mention them. In the meantime I’ll be training my sled dogs to better navigate the icy wastes of the state and sniff out the closest artisanal coffee shops.

– Z
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