I think I’ve reached the threshold of how much information I can actually retain. There’s no extra storage space. If I learn something new, something else has gotta go to make room for it, and it’s usually the essentials.

Realized this when I looked at a map of the U. S. and was shocked to see that Washington state is on the west coast, not the east. And that it’s above Oregon, which it turns out is also on the west coast. Fairly certain that was information I had memorized at some point. Important knowledge like that just gets replaced with miscellaneous facts that may or may not help me in the future, like how Chianti isn’t actually a blend of different grapes, but specifically a clone of the Sangiovese grape named for the region in which it’s grown.

So, if you need someone who can detail all the histories of the major Houses of Westeros or explain how eisbock beer is made, I’m your man. But there’s no chance in hell I can name one city in Oklahoma, which I’m sure will bode well for any future roadtrips.


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